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Riding the waves of Nazaré!

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Portugal Nazaré

2/19/2020 – 2/20/2020 by Elena Junge

Wednesday 19th Feb.

At first in the morning we all visited the mayor of Nazaré.

He held a short speech, we took some pictures and every teacher of each country brought a gift to give to the mayor.

After that we went to the market place, where a lot of people sold fish, bread, fruits and vegetables, sweets and even clothes and some souvenirs.

Most of the people of Nazaré buy their food there because it is fresh and made in Portugal.

Then we went to a building, which was decorated with carnival things.

You could look at pictures of the carnival parades of Nazaré and funny costumes.

The special thing about carnival is that every person is equal and there are no poor or rich people.

Also a student from Portugal was talking about the traditional food “dry fish” and how it is made.

You can even buy the dry fish today at the coast of Nazaré.

Then we went to Sitio but not by foot we were taken there by bus, which was working as a nacelle. The view was very beautiful!

After that we visited the “Dr. Joaquim Manso Museum”.

Students and a museum worker told us about the traditional clothes of Nazaré and the old fisher boats.

It was very interesting, for example, in a specific time of the year women would wear 7 skirts, one above the other and there are still women wearing these traditional clothes in Nazaré.

Then we had a workshop, where every group (one person of each country) had to dress a little doll in the traditional clothing of Nazaré.

Also, every country presented their traditional clothes and brought a doll.

After the presentations, we finished sewing a little traditional bag of Nazaré. After this full program we had some free time.

We ate some pizza, bought souvenirs, ate ice cream and after that my host family and me took a night walk at the beach.

Thursday 20th Feb.

On that day, we had to wake up very early because the bus had to drive one and a half hours to our destination.

We visited an Archaeological museum in Conimbriga.

The tour guide explained the history and the way of life of the romans that lived in Conimbriga.

It was very interesting because he did it in a funny way.

We could see the ruins outside and other Roman material, like money or jewelry inside of the museum.

After that we went to the old Capital city of Portugal: Coimbra.

We ate lunch at a university and then we went to see another university, which was an old palace in the past.

We also had a tour guide, who showed us the university, which was very extraordinary. King Dinis had to be very rich.

The university of Coimbra is one of the oldest universities in the world and you can study a lot there.

Then we got another guide who showed us Coimbra as a city. Coimbra is a very beautiful city because of its architecture.

After that we had about 30 minutes free time to walk through the city and buy some souvenirs.

When we arrived back at Nazaré, our host families picked us up and we had a nice evening with them before we went to sleep after this full day.

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