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  • Catherine Socratous

Our song for Europe!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

The most important workshop of the Cyprus meeting was the Music Workshop!

The idea was for the students to write lyrics for an original melody describing their feelings and thoughts about being a part of an Erasmus project and what it means to be a "Europolitan".

We collaborated with a professional musician - Giorgos Kolias- who composed the original music. Prior to the meeting, he first worked with a small group of students from Cyprus, helping them to understand the idea of the song and compose the first two verses of the song. After that the music and the idea behind it was sent to the participant schools and the other teams were asked to compose a verse or two in their native language.

During the workshop the musician - Mr. George Kolias- worked with the students and helped them compose the lyrics (verse and chorus) for the song. When everything was ready a small group of students from all the countries were taken to his studio for the recording of the song.

On the last day of the meeting all the teams gathered at the music room, and under the guidance of teacher Uwe Balser of the German Team, sang the song all together!

Below is the english translation of the lyrics:


I once made a promise to you

To travel together

To go around the world

Just as long as I’m with you

Just as long as I’m with you

In an ideal Europe

In a warm embrace

We’ll go around the world

Just as long as I’m with you

And life becomes a dream

Laughter, songs, music

We’ll go around the world

Just as long as I’m with you


I think I’ll travel around Europe

Riding a bicycle

Together with my friends

One, two, or maybe more


Here we are to share and learn

Travelling across the land and sea

Sharing our experiences

With everyone we see

Together without frontiers

We’ll give and receive

We will be pioneers

You only have to believe

Here we are to share and learn

Sharing our energy

And peaceful vibes

With all our diversity


We want freedom everywhere

We wish peace all over the world

Together we go forward

And take with us everyone

And we’re holding out our hands

Together we stay strong

And whenever you have doubts

Or your worries seem too big

Then have courage

And be excited

Europe is giving you its hand

In friendship do we live


Let the song flow forward,

To unite everyone in the community.

So that Europe is ours,

Let's unite everyone together.

We’re Europolitans, Europolitans now.

Let’s live together safe and peaceful.

United Europe is the best.

Let’s make the friendship live forever.


We visit each other

Seeking a wonderful adventure

We are going to meet our friends

Supporting each other

Unity is our goal,

Friendship, love and support,

United in diversity,

United for Europe.

North Macedonia

Let’s hang out

Build bridges between us

Give me your hands

And I’ll give you mine

In Europe with smile on the face

Let’s dance and sing

Everyone dances as he knows

Only to last longer

Let’s travel

Let’s exchange

In cities and villages

Love to give

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