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  • Catherine Socratous

"Becoming Europolitans"

During the mobility in Cyprus the students came one step closer to Becoming Europolitans!

First students and teachers were divided in 6 different groups (1 student from each country) They then discussed the problems and difficulties their country was facing and afterwards exchanged information on how each country deals with the problem/ difficulty. Finally they collaborated to create a poster with their own laws or suggestions on the topic and give a small presentation of it.

The categories they worked on were:

  1. Environmental and climate change/ Ecological consciousness

  2. Rising prices/ Cost of living/ Poverty/ Unemployment

  3. Bullying/ Cyber bullying

  4. Immigration

  5. Special needs people

  6. Drugs/ Addictions

They learned that a European citizen is a citizen of all Europe, what affects one EU member affects all and it is the responsibility of all EU citizens to help find a solution.

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