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  • Catherine Socratous

A virtual date in Prilep - Let me show you my world!

During the vir

tual mobility in Prilep, students worked together mixed in groups, collaborating with eachother, discussing about city attractions relevant to teenagers. Then some points were picked up and described by them in Englisch and one other language, which was choosen by coinsidence. Since there were students from each praticipant countries the guides were done easy. So we did 6 different guides!

By working digitally and in heterogeneous groups, they had the opportunity to develop 21st century skills, 4-K skills and also expand their digital skills with various digital tools.

Communicating, exchanging ideas via virtual platforms helped expand their knowledge regarding the participating countries and of course about Prilep and North Macedonia, but at the same time the students became European citizens, discussed the interests of European teenagers, and formed a virtual guide that would appeal to that audience! Virtually or not, let's meet again in Prilep!

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